AglaeaGroup - A Homecoming Gift From Mom And Sis


AglaeaGroup - A Homecoming Gift From Mom And Sis
Nicky has just come home after a long time away, and his mother, Leilani, and sister, Desiree, are excited to greet him with their homecoming gift : four lubed-up soles sliding up and down his rock hard cock. They lay him on the bed, sit on either side of him in their cute lingerie, and lube up their wrinkled soles before starting to slide them all over his cock. They take turns with their feet on Nicky's cock, then try sharing his cock between one of each of their feet to switch up the sensation! Leilani doesn't forget her son's balls, and gives them loving attention as Desiree brings Nicky closer to cumming with her soft feet. When Nicky is ready to cum, Leilani takes her son's cock in her hands and brings him to orgasm with skill, then both mother and daughter get every last drop with their well-pedicured toes and feet to finish Nicky's sexy homecoming gift!

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