AglaeaGroup - Cheerleader Initiation


AglaeaGroup - Cheerleader Initiation
Kira has just passed her tryout for the cheerleading squad, and head cheerleader Eve is initiating Kira into the club.  She has her dress in her new cheerleader outfit.  Eve places a pencil in Kira's mouth and has Kira perform cheers with the pencil held between her lips and spit dribbling down her chin.  She then binds Kira's hands and leaves her to sit with the pencil held in Kira's mouth.  Kira struggles and spits more and more until Eve returns to remove the pencil.  She then places her hand over Kira's mouth to hear her cheers and tests her lung capacity with hand over mouth breath play.  Kira loves every moment and looks to be a great addition to the squad!  Lastly, Eve has Kira spit out the pencil as far as she can, then spit in Eve's hands before concluding her initiation with a smile.

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