AglaeaGroup - College Coed Lift & Carry


AglaeaGroup - College Coed Lift & Carry
Roxie and Mia are college roommates. They used to be friends, but Roxie decided to cheat with Mia's boyfriend, and now Mia is pissed. She storms into the common room in their dorm, and goes straight to accusing and hitting Roxie, and a catfight ensues. Mia and Roxie try to assert authority over one another by picking one another up, spanking one another, licking one another's faces, and kissing one another. They take the uniforms off of one another until they are both completely nude. In the end, Roxie turns out to be the winner, and she throws Mia over her shoulder, spanks her bare butt, flexes, and carries Mia out of the room.

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spanking teens (18+) school girl imposed kissing lift & carry