AglaeaGroup - Get All The Milk Little Cow


AglaeaGroup - Get All The Milk Little Cow
Cute Asian cow Channy Crossfire has always wanted to have a farmer care for her who gives her ALL THE MILK! She is elated when you, her new farmer, decide to show her how to please you and to get every drop of your milk. Channy sucks and licks your hard cock, bobbing her sexy cow head up and down and jingling her sexy cow bell. She eagerly laps at your cock to get you to give her milk that she can taste. When you have had enough sucking and are ready for some fucking, you tell Channy to turn around and show off her pretty pussy so you can thrust your cock deep inside. You admire Channy's ass as she rides your cock, then she sucks it some more before hopping on top of you to go crazy on your cock. She bounces on your boner until you spurt out cum not once, but twice, and Channy can't help herself but to have a taste! She kneels between your legs to take your cock into her mouth for one final suck off before you cum a third time right on her tongue. Channy is so pleased to eat your cum over and over that she gifts you with a perfect Ahegao face, eyes crossing and pretty pink tongue out.

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