AglaeaGroup - Getting My Daughter Into College


AglaeaGroup - Getting My Daughter Into College
Jessie's daughter, Vex, is meeting with her mother and the Dean of F.U. to talk about admissions. She is a typical texting 18-year-old, and the Dean is not impressed. Jessie knows what she must do to help her daughter get into college - suck and fuck the Dean until he cums and forgets that Vex's grades are mediocre... Jessie instructs her daughter on sucking Dean Nicky's hard cock, then riding him with gusto. Jessie then takes matters into her own hands (and pussy) by fucking Dean Nicky doggystyle to show him how a REAL woman fucks. There is plenty of ball sucking and cock sucking involved as both mother and daughter take turns fucking Dean Nicky. In the end, Nicky shoots a load of cum into Jessies mouth, then Jessie drips it onto her daughter, and Nicky determines that Vex can indeed be enrolled in school at F.U.

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