AglaeaGroup - I Just REALLY Need A Job


AglaeaGroup - I Just REALLY Need A Job
Leilani is interviewing candidates for a secretarial position with her company, and her next candidate is none other than busty, tattooed model Nicole Malice. Nicole's resume was fantastic, and Leilani is excited to meet her in person. However, when Nicole arrives, Leilani can see that she may not be a good fit for the job. Nicole is COVERED in tattoos and has big, fake tits that are almost completely hanging out of her very tight, very short dress. Leilani is unsure whether this will work, but Nicole really needs this job! Nicole gets to work seducing Leilani to convince her that Nicole is the ONLY woman for the job! Nicole leans in to kiss Leilani, and that gets both of them turned on and taking off all their clothes so that they can enjoy one another's bodies. Leilani trails kisses down to Nicole's shaved pussy and tattooed asshole then commences to eating Nicole's sweet pussy until Nicole comes with loud moans, then Nicole eagerly returns the favor. Leilani decides that Nicole is the BEST woman to work closely at her side, and hires her on the spot!

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