AglaeaGroup - Our Little Fart Gobbler


AglaeaGroup - Our Little Fart Gobbler
You have not fulfilled ANY of your duties as Channy and Sherry's house slave. You have neglected the laundry, not cleaned up, and not been obedient. So, Channy and Sherry have something fun in mind for your punishment. They call you into the room, each wearing sexy black lingerie, only to tell you that today you will be eating their farts. And, if you refuse, Channy and Sherry will tell your wife ALL about what a pathetic piece of trash you are. They take turns putting their asses in your face, spreading their cheeks, and blowing fart after fart into your face. You get tears in your eyes and look sick, but still they continue their farting, until they are satisfied you have eaten enough farts. When they are done, Channy and Sherry order you to go complete your list of chores CORRECTLY, unless you want to start full human toilet training!

Tags :

femdom pov lace/lingerie fetish farting