AglaeaGroup - Playing With Mom's Toys


AglaeaGroup - Playing With Mom's Toys
Lola is sitting with her step-mom, Leilani, as Leilani packs for a weekend trip, when she hears something odd clanking in Leilani's suitcase. Leilani pulls out two glass dildos and an electric vibrator, and Lola is shocked that her mother has such interesting sexy toys! Lola is curious about the glass dildos and the vibrator, and Leilani wants to show her how to use them, so they start with the vibrator on low over Lola's tiny shorts. She moans with pleasure as the vibrator hits her clit through the fabric, and she decides to take off the shorts to get direct access. Putting the vibrator on her clit directly, she moans deeply and Leilani adds in a lubed-up glass dildo, gently stroking in and out of her step-daughter's wet pussy. Lola is getting closer to cumming, so Leilani starts to fuck Lola harder with the glass dildo, and Lola turns up the sp33d on the vibrator, until Lola cums hard, pussy juices dripping down around the toy her step-mother is using on her. Leilani decides to leave Lola a glass dildo and her vibrator so Lola can enjoy pleasuring herself more when her step-mother is gone for the weekend, and Leilani leaves to pack the rest of her clothes for her trip.

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