AglaeaGroup - The Fourth Hole


AglaeaGroup - The Fourth Hole
Leilani has gotten her friends Channy and Dezi together to learn about some foot play - they have been dying to know more about foot worship and footjobs!  So, they sit down, feet out, with Leilani and absorb all she has to show them.  She starts by licking Dezi's feet and pouring lube onto Channy's - a good footjob is a sloppy wet footjob!  Then, they all get their feet on your cock as they take turns massaging your shaft and your balls.  Leilani shows the girls how to create "the fourth hole" with their feet and arched soles - perfect for a cock to slide through!  They work together to bring you closer and closer to cumming until you spurt cum on their soft soles and pretty toes.

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pov foot fetish foot worship footjobs older woman / younger woman