AglaeaGroup - You Just Blew All Over My Balloons


AglaeaGroup - You Just Blew All Over My Balloons
Little girl Lola Leda is all dressed up for you, Daddy, and wants you to watch her blowing up her balloons! She is pretty in pink as she presses her lips to a pretty pink balloon, filling it with her air. Watching her blow up a balloon in her cute dress is making you HARD, Daddy, and Lola turns her attention to your rock hard cock nestled amidst the pink and white balloons. She decides it will be better to suck your cock than to try to blow it up like a balloon, and wraps her soft young lips around your dick. Alternating sucking your dick and blowing up her balloons, she brings this blowjob to a whole new height with her hot air! She plays with letting air out of her balloons and rubbing them on your throbbing cock, until, with a vigorous stroke of her youthful hands, she milks the cum from your cock and onto her shiny balloons. She is so happy, Daddy, that you blew your load on her balloons!

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