AkiraShell - Kiki Klout's Sole JOI


AkiraShell - Kiki Klout's Sole JOI
Kiki has been interested in your day, she asks you about it and tells you that she's here to make it better for you. Scrunching her wrinkled soles up, she wiggles her toes in a slow seductive manner, knowing she is driving you wild. She tells you that she wants you to take your dick out and jerk it for it and she's going to help you, but there are rules! Giggling with a sly smile, she explains the rules, and that if you don't follow them then you will never be allowed to jerk off to her soft wrinkled soles again. She teases and taunts you, she knows your secret and how much you absolutely adore feet, and she's going to use that to really help you find the release you are looking for.

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