alexsisfaye - Cigar smoking and muscle flexing 4k


alexsisfaye - Cigar smoking and muscle flexing 4k
In the script there are times when I say clamp the cigar out the side of ur mouth and muscle pose. The attached pictures I will send you are what I mean by that. Notice how the woman in the pics has her arms and wrist bent while flexing, and how she has the cigar clamped in her teeth out the side of her mouth. I find this look not only very sexy looking but it makes the woman look tough. Before u shoot the video pleases end me a few pics posing exactly like the women in the attached pics. I want to make sure u have the right muscle posing ..Each segment of the video below should be 5-minutes long and please wear a different top that is tight and make ur boobs look huge in each part . Half way thru each segment, please take ur top off and go topless. Please let me know what u think of the script and If u have any ideas or suggestions for the video please let me know. Please get back to me and send me some pics before u shoot the video of u muscle posing like the pics I sent you thx part 1- U walk in with the unlit cigar clamped out the side of ur mouth. U light up the cigar taking several drags and blow out a lot of smoke. U say to the camera, " u like big busty tough woman that smoke cigars?" "U think the woman with the 40 double F chest was the biggest chested and U then get a tape measure and with the cigar clamped in ur mouth ur measure ur chest like the woman in the picture attached ( notice that the woman was 48 inches around her chest and back...what do u measure? )and show the size to the camera like in the attached pic. The with the cigar clamped in ur mouth u say, " I never met a woman, or a man, strong enough or tough enough to handle my 44 inch J tits ( when u measure ur chest insert the real size of your boobs here). The rest of this part of the clip u ad lib and talk about how much u work out and how strong u r...... part 2- In this part of the video u walk in with the cigar down in ur cleavage. U pull out the cigar light it and take a few puffs blowing the smoke at the camera. U clamp the cigar in ur mouth and do one and two arm muscle poses like the attached pics. U then say, "so Jim u would like to know how tough I really am"? Let me tell u about a fights u had against women and please make up stories about fights u had against women or men or u can make up stories about fighting women and men in bars and p00l halls etc where u beat them up so bad, you broke noses, jaws knocked teeth out etc and put people in the hospital part 3- This is part of the video I am most looking forward to. The woman that night in the bar wore a tight sleeveless top that u tuck in, tight jeans and spiked heels. So in this part of the video I would love to see u channel the woman from that night in the bar and be her. The clip opens with u lighting up the cigar and take some big drags and blow smoke at the camera and u do some one and two arm muscle poses with the cigar clamped...

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