alexsisfaye - Tough woman with cigar 4k


alexsisfaye - Tough woman with cigar 4k
*Custom video Scene 1 ( 5 minutes) U strut into the room with the unlit cigar in ur mouth. U stop and light the cigar taking a few deep drags from the cigar. I then flex ur muscles and say, u want to see why I am the toughest woman around? U get the tape measure out measure ur chest and show the size to the camera so I can see it...u can no woman or man is tough enough to handle my 46 ( say the real size here) double H tits..u cup ur boobs with the cigar in ur mouth U then flex ur muscles and take a big drag from the cigar and blow the smoke over your bicep..u say I also never met a woman or a man strong enough to handle my 15 inch biceps..... if there is any time left in scene one just smoke the cigar and flex ur muscles Scene 2 ( 10 minutes) U start scene two strutting into the cigar in ur mouth..u light the cigar and say, Now I am going to show you why I never lost a boxing match or a bar fight to any woman or man..u put the cigar in ur mouth and proceed to put the gloves on....u then start to punch the bag with the cigar in ur mouth ( I am figuring u hit the bag for a minute but if u can hit it for 2 minutes then do it for 2 minutes) After the first round of hitting the bag u take one of the gloves off and smoke the cigar and alternate putting the cigar u r mouth and muscle posing. U say, hey big boy u see how hard I punched that bag? Did u see my power? that is why I knocked out every women or man I ever boxed. U put the cigar in ur mouth put the other glove on and proceed to hit the bag again. After this round I will leave it up to U what to say but talk about how strong and tough u r and how hard u punch,. U can make stories about boxing matches u had against other woman and men where u knock them all out and in some case broke their noses, jaws etc and knocked their teeth out putting them in the hospital etc. The video ends with u taking the gloves off take a few drags from the cigar and then muscle pose with the cigar in ur mouth and say, $1,000.00 to any man that can beat me!! Also available in HD :

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