AussieRedhead - The Spanking Game FFFM SPANK WAR


AussieRedhead - The Spanking Game FFFM SPANK WAR
Gather round and watch as 4 spanking lovers play a new favourite game. With the implements laid out, who can dish i out but can't take it? Spin the bottle, whoever that lands on is the spanker, then pull 3 cards to decide what position, over or under clothing and of course the device used. It is all fun and games until you land a big number, especially if you aren't used to spankings like Sarah (Aussieredhead). A very lighthearted, playful video with a relaxed vibe. 3 females, 1 male. F/F M/F F/M Spankings/paddlings. A personal favourite of ours, we will be playing this a lot more in the future!

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18 & 19 yrs old spanking spanking m/f spanking f/f otk spanking