BeingBoth - Being Both #32 Trailer


BeingBoth - Being Both #32 Trailer
#32–The Domina Cum-Slut lets you FEEL what she feels – until she is CUM-COVERED! • BeingBoth This is a different kind of video, so mezmerizing. You will be told what to do by this Dominating cum-slut, and if you do exactly that, you will feel the intense lust and pleasure that she does, and you will be one with her and what you watch! There is about a 20 minute very sexy prelude (just fast forward if you don’t like it), that goes through the steps you need to take. Once she has your undivided attention, oh, she is gobbling cocks like she was starving for it, one by one and many, from small big ones to huge big ones, and they all end up so deep in her bottomless throat, you will gasp for the air that she doesn’t seem to need! After a drooling cock-feast frenzy beyond compare, she tells you to step forward and feed her YOUR cock! If you have never felt devoured before, here is your moment. And after what will seem like an eternity of intimate, deep, intense, and sloppy cock-worship, she takes you with her to the explosive finale, where you will be in the midst of huge cock, cum-hungry mouth and throat, and be plunged into a seemingly never-ending cum-bath you couldn’t ever imagined was possible, filmed from every angle with near perfect sound, in both far and close-up shots. Now completely devastated by flowing cum, is she finally satiated? Well, no, because there is always more, more, more…

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