BIKINI POPS - Advanced Anatomy Feature Film Trailer


BIKINI POPS - Advanced Anatomy Feature Film Trailer
Katrina is a nursing student who thinks her life is a drag. She's always buried in responsibility with her job and college studies, but her roommate Sophie always seems to have money and lots of free time. One day after work, Katrina has a conversation with Sophie and learns that she is able to buy nice things and schedule her day spontaneously because she offers an escort service for not only men but women as well. Being that her boyfriend isn't around and she has the rest of the day off, Katrina feels like it's time to change things up and do something a little crazy for once. She initiates an experiment involving sapphic love, using her roommate as a partner. Even though she is the only one in medical school, Katrina has a feeling that Sophie can teach her a thing or two about advanced anatomy...

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