Cali Logan - A Taste of Defeat


Cali Logan - A Taste of Defeat
Cali Logan is so excited to take down the pest named, Sahrye KC. Sahrye challenged Cali today, but Cali is wants to be the winner and to make Sahrye SUCK HER TOES... after a KO, of course! Cali throws off her robe and smack talks until Sahrye makes her appearance. With a loud laugh, Sahrye tosses off her robe and let’s Cali have it. Not only is Sahrye going to KO Cali, but she’s also going to make Cali suck on her toes all the way up to her sole. This pisses off Cali enough to make the first move... Cali jumps onto to Sahrye, but Sahrye doesn’t budge. Sahrye actually begins to bear hug Cali so tightly that Cali hops onto Sahrye trying to use to leg strength to get off her.... but it doesn’t work. Cali groans and fights, but this bear hug is so tight that Cali starts to doze off right there. This is only the beginning... Sahrye takes control by facesitting Cali to oblivion! Cali fights to breathe but succumbs to Sahrye’s power. Sahrye plays with her new little toy, flopping her limbs around, and ready for more fun. Sahrye uses her feet to cover Cali then shoves her toes in Cali’s mouth to wake her up! Cali has to SUCK THOSE FUCKING TOES! Sahrye sits on Cali’s stomach and makes Cali suck on multiple toes at a time!! After her feet are all nice and slobbery, Sahrye sends Cali back to never-neverland by putting her out with a tight foot to face covering. If that KO wasn’t humiliating enough, Sahrye then victory poses with her slobbery foot right Cali Logan’s forehead. This clip runs 10.5 minutes long and includes female fighting, foot domination, toe sucking, facesitting, female wrestling, humiliation, and KO.

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humiliation foot domination face sitting female wrestling female fighting