Cali Logan - Bad Date POV: Sahrye and Vonka


Cali Logan - Bad Date POV: Sahrye and Vonka
Finally, after months of flirting with the lovely Sahrye KC, you are able to get her to come to your place after a few hours of partying at the club. Decked out in her favorite leather jacket, white t-shirt, leather skirt, and high heels, she is more than excited to get to know you better. You tell her there's a special surprise waiting for her in your closet. Going along with the game, she smiles and closes her eyes as she opens your closet door. To her shock and horror, a naked blue haired girl starts to crawl out on her hands and knee and looks up at Sahrye, panting like a dog (Vonka Romanov). Sahrye is horrified at the sight of Vonka acting like she's your pet and wants to leave at this very moment. She tries to tell Vonka to not act like a pet and tries to console her to take off the leash and collar right now, but Vonka is instead whimpering and wriggles her bare ass like it's a tail instead. Sahrye is cursing you out as you tell her she's going to be Vonka's new friend and playmate, but then slowly has a change of heart as you hold a weapon at her chest and tell her to start stripping or else. She starts to slowly undress herself, doing as you ask her to do and tells you not to point the weapon at her or Vonka because it's really dangerous and someone can get seriously hurt. As Sahrye seductively strips off to her leopard print bra and panties, Vonka even does a small assist by p33ling off Sahrye's socks. Clad in only her bra and panties, Sahrye tells you that she did what you asked and tries to reason with you. Unfortunately for her, you have more plans in store. You demand that Sahrye is to take off everything and put on a collar and leash of her own, Sahrye angrily goes off on you again but Vonka starts to p33l off Sahrye's panties against Sahrye's protesting! After you threaten Sahrye with the weapon again, she reluctantly strips off her panties and bra as Vonka assists her. Sahrye covers her bare breasts and protests more as she pushes an obedient Vonka off her. Vonka whimpers and starts to lick Sahrye's asscheeks, catching Sahrye off guard as she cries out in disbelief and horror. As Sahrye is crying and protesting the advances, Vonka licks her slowly up and down her ass and back, while reaching up to fondle Sahrye's breasts at the same time from behind. Vonka then makes her way on her hands and knees to the front of Sahrye and reaches up to lick and squeeze Sahrye's breasts and nipples. After working Sahrye's hardened nipples and making Sahrye whimper more, Vonka goes back around and returns to licking Sahrye's asscheeks again, Satisfied with how Vonka is taking to her new playmate, you grab the collar and leash that's been sitting on the couch and bring it over, waving it in front of Sahrye. Angry and defiant, Sahrye screams at you that she's no man's bitch and refuses to put on the collar and chain! You show her that you 're the one truly in charge as you strike...

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