Cali Logan - Cali in Chains


Cali Logan - Cali in Chains
Cali Logan is all chained up, with not only wrist and ankle cuffs, but also restraints on her thumbs and big toes!! This little damsel isn’t going ANYWHERE. She’s here, struggling for you, naked. She knows you love to watch her, with her wrists and thumbs restrained behind her back. Cali struggles on a couch on her stomach, but manages to sit up, only to find she’s still just as restrained... and she flops back over onto her side, looking helpless. Cali continues her wiggling, and moans through her ball gag. She struggles in her toe restraint and tries to bright free of her thumb cuffs. Nothing works. Cali ends up on the floor, rolling around, trying to get through this predicament, but she won’t. You get to watch you roll around at your feet, completely defenseless. With no chance of escape from her thumb and toe predicaments. This clip runs 11 minutes long with bondage, bondage device, POV, damsel in distress, handcuffs, toe cuffs, shackles, ball gag, and struggling.

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pov bondage damsel in distress ballgagged shackles