Cali Logan - Happy Little Gag Tease with Cali


Cali Logan - Happy Little Gag Tease with Cali
Cali Logan is your happy little gag tease model for today. She has a few of her very most favorite things including, duct tape, a ball gag, and extra little surprises after that. Cali sexily rips off a piece of duct tape and slaps it right onto her face. She giggles and moans through the duct tape gag then strokes her sexy body all over. Cali mumbles through the duct tape gag and knows how much it excites you to see her next gag. She holds up the ball gag and sexily talks about it through her tape gag. Mmmm, gag talk, your fav. Cali rips off the duct tape gag and puts the black ball gag right in. She gag talks about how much she likes this self bondage option then slowly start to drool through the ball gag over time. Cali turns things up hotter by stripping off her shirt and caressing her perky titties as drool p00ls out of her mouth and all over her gag. She pops the ball out of her mouth letting the slobber fly! Then a large drop of sober slides down her lip and she decides to pop out the ball gag for her last and final gag tease surprise. Oh boy! Yummy! If a topless ball gag talk didn’t do it for you, a braless, pantyhose gag and head wrap will do the trick. Cali stuffs a pair of pantyhose right into her mouth like a little panty ball gag, then she takes medical tape and wraps it all the way around her head a few times to hide the pantyhose gag underneath. Cali naturally unclips her bra and reveals all the goods to you. She gives you a few more gag talking mumbles before unwrapping the tape gag once more then she sexily slides the pantyhose gag out of her mouth like a gag strip tease! This clip runs 7 minutes long with self bondage POV, gag talk, ASMR, duct tape fetish, tape gag, ball gag, pantyhose gag, and tap.

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pov pantyhose fetish gag talk self bondage