Cali Logan - Hogtie Escape Challenge


Cali Logan - Hogtie Escape Challenge
Cali Logan struggles in a hogtie on the ground with a big red ball gag in her mouth! Her wrists are tightly rope bound to ankles, and she’s stuck wiggling around with no help! What a rope predicament! Cali is still determined to get out though! She rocks from side to side as she tries to look behind her for the knot! Cali gag talks as she goes, even cussing about how hard this damn hogtie is! Cali kicks her feel and fights to her her hands around to the front of her shins where the knot is... with no luck! Cali is hogtied for good. Or is she? She slowly reaches around her legs and manages to touch the rope knots that bind her!! Can she untie those hellish knots?? It sure doesn’t look like it! She moans about how exhausting this hogtie is! She can’t even get out of her ball gag, much less the endless amount of knots and loops around her ankles and wrists! She wiggles her feet and tries to loosen the ropes... but nothing seems to be working!! Will Cali win her hogtie escape challenge??? This clip runs 5 minutes long with bondage, rope bondage, ballgag, and DID.

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bondage damsel in distress ballgagged rope bondage