Cali Logan - Ivy Meets Lady Lust


Cali Logan - Ivy Meets Lady Lust
Lady Lust (aka Cali Logan) and Poison Ivy (aka Nikki Brookes) suspiciously back up into a room and bump into eachother back to back... It looks like both gals were set up to retrieve a small box! Both ladies don’t know what’s in the box... so they come an agreement that the box should open... but who? Poison Ivy takes the box first, saying she can better handle the stress of whatever it may be after its opened. Lady Lust doesn’t seem to fight this, instead, she decides to get a little more comfortable by unzipping her boot and revealing her black pantyhose foot hidden underneath. Poison Ivy follows suit and dangles her high heel for a bit before letting her heels plop to the ground. Poison Ivy gently caresses Lady Lust’s pantyhose foot with her tan pantyhose foot.. but Lady Lust gently slides the box in her direction... Poison Ivy catches this and slides the box back in her direction with her foot. This leads into Poison Ivy caressing up Lady Lust’s body with her pantyhose foot and waving her foot in the air... mesmerizing Lady Lust with pantyhose pheromones. Magic control. Lady Lust is hooked. Lady Lust starts to worship Poison Ivy’s feet, she kisses, licks and sucks on Poison Ivy’s every toe. Posion Ivy gets so turned on that she too wants to kiss, tickle and suck on Lady Lust’s reinforced pantyhose feet. While Poison Ivy gets super into it, Lady Lust realizes she can snag that little box right back hiding it behind a pillow. At the same time, they both pantyhose worship each other’s feet and moan through all the kissing and toe sucking... Once Poison Ivy is sucking hard on every inch of Lady Lust’s feet, Lady Lust takes full control. It is Poison Ivy who is really under Lady Lust’s magic irresistible pantyhose pheromones... Poison Ivy is now just a mindless pantyhose slave begging for more. This 16 minute clip includes foot worship, magic control, feet, shoe dangle, pantyhose, sole licking, toe sucking, domination, cosplay, and superheroines.

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foot worship pantyhose toe sucking magic control