Cali Logan - Quija House with Cali Logan


Cali Logan - Quija House with Cali Logan
“The Quija House Investigation” 11mins Cali Logan Cali Logan, here live, at the alleged “Groping Ghost House.” You’ve all heard about it, it’s been in the news for weeks! Cali usually thinks things like this are a hoax so she just had to see for herself. Supposedly, 4 young ladies snuck into this haunted house and were groped! And their clothes just disappeared! Cali had to get to the bottom of this... this house is an all American home, but has been left abandoned for years. Maybe there is a groping ghost after all... As Cali talks more about the house, just quickly jumps up like she got spanked! And then she squeals, and grabs her breasts like something just grabbed her! She looks around nervously but decides her imagination... Suddenly, Cali’s blouse and skirt disappear! And Cali has no idea! Then out of nowhere something pitches Cali’s butt... and she realizes she’s only wearing her bra and panties on LIVE TV!! Cali covers herself up in true embarrassed naked female fashion and tries to blame this all on her imagination! After she realizes the truth, she runs off to find some other clothes somewhere in the house... does she really think “graciously borrowed“ clothes won’t get snatched too?? Very quickly, she gets a little pitch on the bootie and the boobs... before her clothes disappear AGAIN! Cali is going to be naked soon!! This clip runs 11.5 minutes long and includes embarrassed naked female, ENF, magic control, POV, bra and panty, imposed stripping, groping, ghost, nude, humiliation, embarrassment, public humiliation, and public nudity.

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