Cali Logan - Red Ranger Surprise


Cali Logan - Red Ranger Surprise
Red Ranger, Cali Logan, strolls in with a pumpkin basket full of candy! She giggles and picks up a candy… but decides there’s more fun things to do. RedRangerCali starts to slowly rub her silky gloves around her spandex suit, giving her boobies a little squeeze along the way. She kicks her feet up, spreads her thighs wide, and softy rubs her spandex pussy through her suit. She then rolls over, ass in the air, to give her pussy a little rub from behind too. As things get heated, RedRangerCali reveals her surprise… RedRangerCali removes her mask and reveals that she’s already wearing a juicy red ball gag. What a naughty little Red Ranger we’ve got here! She giggles and moans through her drooling gag, and begins her self-seduction once more. She rubs down her body, throws her legs in the air, and slides her silky fingers between her thighs. RedRangerCali moans with every sensitive touch and smiles through her ball gag in ultimate pleasure. She caresses her spandex feet, then her thighs, up her torso, down to her pussy… RedRangerCali unzips her spandex suit and pulls out one perky-nippled tit at a time. She massages one boob in her silky hand as she throws her head back in ecstasy! She pinches both nipples under her softly gloved hands and moans with every sexy movement. As drool overwhelms RedRangerCali, she sensually sucks on her ball gag and continues playing her her tits. She pitches her nipples, slaps her tits around, and goes back to humping her spandex pussy! What a Red Ranger Surprise!! This 6 minute clip includes groping, cosplay, ball gag, boobs & tit play, and superheroines.

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