Cali Logan - Superdrained


Cali Logan - Superdrained
“Well there you are, SuperMan…” SuperGirl, aka Cali Logan, seductively greets you as you walk into your office. SuperCali wants to discuss all your dirt—she knows that she should be digging into Lex Luther’s life, but he’s admittedly a pretty great guy. Looks like SuperCali has gone to the bad side. Surprise. Apparently, Lex made a deal with SuperCali to DRAIN YOU. She slowly slips off her glove and begins to mentally taunt you as your energy quickly starts to fade. SuperCali unzips her supersuit… Underneath SuperCali’s tight supersuit, is a shiny, green pendant of KRYPTONITE. Your eyes fixate on the necklace-of-doom nestled between her perky breasts. SuperCali continues to taunt you with her sexy body, groping herself and teasing you with the pendant in your face. You can’t take your eyes off her as your superbody becomes superdrained. She thinks you need a little more encouragement to strip off the rest of your energy, so she strips off her bra. Your exact fantasy about your little sidekick is coming to life! You’ve always wanted to be drained of your powers, an average Joe, just like the rest of us, so here’s your chance. Stare into SuperCali’s perfect tits and let the green Kryptonite glimmer into your eyes. She massages her titties, taking you be her magic control. You’re trapped. You’re going to be begging for SuperCali to use and take advantage of your superpowers, stripping them from you, to give to Lex Luther. To train you and drain you. SuperCali is now your GoodessGirl, and now you’re her personal piggy bank. SuperCali, GoddessGirl, commands that you use your super sp33d to go rob a bank, and show off your bad boy side to all the cameras. You cannot resist and quickly bring her back a bag of cash. SuperCali laughs in your face… you could have done better. SuperCali wants to drain the economy—and you, of course. Then she’s going to sit pretty on Lex Luther’s lap! SuperCali slips off her entire supersuit and commands you to rob another bank—you bring back double this, all $100 bills. Good job, Slave Boy. Time to drain you completely… This 20 min minute clip includes superheroine, female domination POV, femdom POV, magic control, sensual touching, stripping, nipple play, domination, cosplay, boots, and costumes.

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