CallMeAriERO - Sunday Afternoon Smoke And Chill


CallMeAriERO - Sunday Afternoon Smoke And Chill
I've been wanting to do a vide to one of Bobby's playlist for awhile. But I didn't know how because of the songs. I also wondered how fun it would be to have a super lax and casual video. Then I was like: OH! Then I was like: Oh... I'm such a dumbass. This entire video is one shot, so you see everything lol. Inducing times I get up and cough haha. I hope you can throw it up on your TV or something and have it play in the background while you chill/work. Anyway, I'm coming down from my own high. Hope you enjoy this one! (P.S.: I love how you can see the exact moment the weed hits.) More links, more fun:

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