Colombianbigass - giantess can't resist sorry tiny friends


Colombianbigass - giantess can't resist sorry tiny friends
giantess can not resist any more! sorry little friends! vore, I am a girl entering my bedroom after just getting home from school, i am absolutely starving and my stomach growls , when i get really hungry and my stomach growls i get really horny. i grab my stomach and start to breath heavy and softly moan, then i go lay down on my bed and pull out a phone. Now that i am in the mood, i start to watch a vore video.  As i watch i sensually massage my stomach and start to play with myself, i breath heavily and occasionally moan softly at the idea of being the person in the video swallowing small people. I stop as i notice from the corner of my eye that there is a container on the table near my bed with a note on it. The note reads, “please look after them until I get home from work with a solution, their current state is the result of a lab accident at work and one of the side effects is they have no memories or sense of awareness, also make sure to let them out from time to time so they can stretch and get some air. thank you, Love, stepMom”. Confused i open the container and my eyes widen as i see what is in the container, i stare, moaning sensually with both shock and desire as i stare at a container full of lethargic tiny people. my hand gently brushes across my stomach while the other hand gently slips into my panties as i think of all the things i want to do to them and my stomach growls deeply. i stop and say something like “ I need to get these away from me” and try to take them out of my room when i realize my door is stuck and i am trapped with them until my stepmom gets home, this is worsened by the fact that i am still starving and now i can’t get food. i go back on the bed and let them out of the container to wander on the bed, i try reading a book to get my mind off it. Fast forward two hours and the hunger i now have is almost unbearable, my stomach is absolutely roaring. i go to check my phone to check the time and the vore video i were watching earlier resumes, i look at the video and then stare down at them, my breathing gets heavier and i moan as i try to resist, i eventually can’t take it anymore and decide to indulge a little by playing with them without swallowing them and that might be enough to satiate me. i pick them up and place them on my roaring stomach, the feeling of having small people squirm about on my stomach is closest i’ve ever felt to feeling small people squirm IN my stomach and it feels amazing to me as i start playing with myself and moaning hard. i then get on all fours above them and hang my stomach over them taunting them with my belly and i lower my mouth over a few pretending i going to swallow them as i continue to play with myself, this is the closest i’ve ever been to my fetish and it is incredibly exciting for me. i lay back down arching my back and messaging my stomach and playing with myself as i imagine swallowing them, i even gulp lo...

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