Divinely - Goth Girl Sensual Hot Candle Wax Play


Divinely - Goth Girl Sensual Hot Candle Wax Play
A sensual, softcore wax play video. ♡ I try wax for the first time! Watch me play, listen to my moans and gasps, as I light 3 different coloured candles and pour and splatter the wax over my chest. Enjoying the slightly painful sensation, I decide to clip clothes pegs to my nipples to heighten my senses even further. I change position and try splattering wax on my thighs and ass, before feeling confident to continue pouring it all down the front of my body. I finish the video by gently scraping the dried wax off the surface of my skin. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tags: ♡ innocent ♡ small tits ♡ pierced nipples ♡ alternative ♡ tattooed girl ♡ tattoos ♡ piercings ♡ pierced girl ♡ dyed hair ♡ black hair ♡ small girl ♡ petite ♡ small ♡ pale girl ♡ goth ♡ gothic ♡ goth girl ♡ goth girlfriend ♡ small titty goth girlfriend ♡ black lipstick ♡ lipstick fetish ♡ latex ♡ fetish ♡ candle ♡ candle fetish ♡ hot candle play ♡ wax ♡ wax play ♡ hot wax fetish ♡ self waxing ♡ wax on tits♡ wax on ass ♡ perfect tits ♡ perfect ass ♡ pegs ♡ pegs on nipples ♡ masochist ♡ masochism ♡ masochistic ♡ amateur ♡ thong ♡

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