Divinely - Toilet Licking Slut


Divinely - Toilet Licking Slut
This video is a Custom Order. In this video, I am a Toilet Whore in training! I can't wait to show everyone what a good, useful little slut I am. The task of the day is to clean the entire toilet using only my tongue! I can't wait! I wear a butt-plug while licking every inch from the top of the toilet system all the way to sticking my head in the bowl for your perverted viewing pleasure. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tags: ♡ innocent ♡ small tits ♡ pierced nipples ♡ alternative ♡ tattooed girl ♡ tattoos ♡ piercings ♡ pierced girl ♡ dyed hair ♡ black hair ♡ small girl ♡ humiliation ♡ degrading ♡ degradation ♡ slut ♡ whore ♡ slut training ♡ butt plug ♡ solo girl ♡ toilet slut ♡ toilet licking ♡ toilet fetish ♡ dirty ♡ filthy

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