Drea_xoxo - Bored Giantess


Drea_xoxo - Bored Giantess
Custom Giantess Clip~ Giantess sees a little man on the ground. At first she thinks he's a little bug and almost steps on him. But he speaks out to her and she decides to play with him for a little while. She teases him a little, showing her panties, since he seems to like looking up her dress. Then she brings him up to her giant mouth. Teasing and licking him. Telling him how good he tastes and smells. She starts getting bored with this little tiny and starts to flick and poke him. Harder and harder until he falls over, making her laugh. She decides to move on with her day, but instead of getting rid of the little bug, she decides to keep him in her panties for fun later on.

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giantess vore mouth fetish shrinking fetish upskirt