Drea_xoxo - Gas Guzzler Part 1


Drea_xoxo - Gas Guzzler Part 1
*Custom Request Script:  You or your character is coming back from your local mall where you picked up a new aged sex toy. Dressed in some jeans and a top that matches, you walk into your house with a big smile on your face, because you could not wait to test out your new purchase.  You talk a bit while you are walking over to a table to begin opening some kind of package.  With a good expression you saw in the package was a shrunken man, tied/ taped up shrunken about a cm tall.  You take no time bringing him up to your face. “Oh my the box art really did have a good picture.  Hey little man, how are you doing?  Well you look so cute wrapped up.” For right now you could hear his screams as he had no idea what was about to happen, and why he was so small.  That however did not stop you from teasing him. “Well I am very excited I picked you up today, because your services will be much needed.  I cannot believe I got my hands on one of the hottest sex toys on the market, and you are going to fulfill your job nicely. It’s okay to be a little afraid you do not know me after all.” You then decide to start reading out loud your purchase ticket, and a little bit information about the company and what his duty is supposed to be.  “Dear fellow customer, We hope that you are going to enjoy your very own personal gas guzzler.  A bit of a forewarning as it is only a prototype, but we assure you we made some adjustments to make him ready for his new sole purpose.  The man before you was a college boy that flunked out of school, and with the new laws set in place he has to undergo certain testing. We also understand because it was a decently expensive purchase we made sure that his bodies were modified to withstand getting crushed, sufation or in general d**th.  We realized that it is not going to be something pleasant for him to endure, so these modifications really do help out your business.  Hope you will enjoy him and have a good day. Sincerely, (You can pick the name of the company) “Oh my god that is so much to take in.  So, you were like me at one point.  I knew the new laws were in place, but they came out much faster than I thought.  It seems from your screaming that this experimentation might be controversial, but I sadly cannot restore your past life.  It seems you got your-self into quite a predicament.  Well you know what they say life is just not fair.  It’s not my problem that you need to undergo mandatory testing.  You must have just found out about your new purpose. I still need to read these instructions.  Well how about we go somewhere else to talk about this.” You then decided to go over to your couch where you will be sitting down now pretending to read some kind of paper or magazine.  (While you’re saying this next paragraph, you could stop every now and then to make it seem like you're focusing on reading.) “Now here is a much better place to explain.  Okay we can read this together since...

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