Drea_xoxo - Gold Thief


Drea_xoxo - Gold Thief
*Custom Request  You portray a mythic, amazon giantess who slumbers in a huge chair unaware of a tiny treasure hunter who attempts to steal her jewelry.  The tiny pirate is focused on the giantess' toe ring and carefully approaches her sandaled foot. He gingerly scales the toes and attempts to slowly remove the immense jewel as the towering maiden slumbers.   The amazon feels something on her toes and flexes and bends them, as the micro sized pirate tries to steal her toe ring.  Her eyes slowly open, looks down at the brazen thief, and reaches down to capture him between her colossal fingers.  Examining her victim, she demands who he is bellows at his impudence on attempting to rob her.  She lowers him to knee level and drops him to the floor below.  The pirate is stunned after the fall and staggers.  The giantess is amused at his plight and begins to taunt and tease his futile attempts to escape her.  She slowly lowers her foot threatening to crush him like an insect.  The front of her sandal sole lays atop the helpless treasure seeker; not enough to crush him, but having him pinned. The giantess ponders how to further punish him.  In a stroke of brilliance, the giantess reaches down and pinches him between her fingers.  Lifting him to her face, she smirks at his plight and reveals his penalty.  Finding a small piece of sewing thread, the giantess removes her toe ring and ties the helpless robber to her toe.  Looking from on high, she watches as her tiny victim is now her new toe ring.  He squirms and struggles to break free from the bond.  It is a heavy rope to the tiny victim and the giant amazon laughs down at him.  Further taunting him, she tells him that he will be witness to villagers and towns crushed beneath her mighty footfalls.  Walking out of her dwelling, the giantess sets out to find a village on her mission of destruction. *Partially filmed in fish eye view with slow motions scenes.

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sfw giantess shrinking fetish giants slow motion