Drea_xoxo - Hitwoman with IBS 2


Drea_xoxo - Hitwoman with IBS 2
*Custom Request 1. New target The hitwoman is back again, you have a new target to study and have to go to the bathroom so you gonna use the time on the toilet to study your prey. come in wearing a tight black shorts and a little top, put it down and your panties sexily with your ass facing the camera and have a sit "ahh just plop my perfect ass right here for a moment" you whisper as you sit and look the info on your phone as you use the restroom the target is a former associate of your boss who stole a lot of money from him and you have to make him pay and find back the money, no problem it Will be a pleasure as you said that you have a new method you want to try and this guy will be perfect for it haha when you are done wipe flush and leave. 2. After it You just take care of your target and you have to use the bathroom so bad as you had to hold it for a while, you come in the toilet wearing a sexy short dress, having to go so bad and already have a new mission to check "no time to waist, I have to check my new order but I need to plop my ass here NOW" you said as you put down your thong and sit down "ahh finally I sit here for a few minutes " as you make yourself comfy and start to use the bathroom "hmmm it's coming out" you said in delight as it splash. You watch your target as you tell how you get rid of your last target. You sit on his face for good, you really loved it as it's easy and also sensual as you loved the feeling of power that give and you think that he like too, having that perfect ass on his face before dying. Your next target is in a hospital about to give confidential info to the police when he will wake up and you have to  make sure he will not wake up anymore..it will be a pleasure as you have now the perfect method for it but first let's finish here as you stay seated and check your phone a bit more until you are done wipe flush and leave 3. After the hospital You were able to go to the hospital and approach the target in his room, pretending to be his girlfriend to have access and get rid of him with your new method who was quite useful in this situation. But it take a long time to find the right moment to approach the room and now you come home desperate to sit on the toilet. So you come in wearing a tight black jean and a tank top as you have a magazine with you for occupation , no time to waist you need to sit as it's coming. You take down your panties and pants and crush on the toilet "oh finally i am on it...now here we go no time to lose" you said as you push and it comes out "ohhh yes" you exclaim in relief as you tell that it was a risky mission, trying not to be caught and escape the hospital unnoticed, thanks to your skills and your look, nobody suspect an innocent good looking girl like you be an heartless hitwoman, you love that job so much and at least your victim are taken care of by the best, you, such a privilege even if right now the fact that you destroy the toil...

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