Drea_xoxo - Sensual Hand Tease with JOI


Drea_xoxo - Sensual Hand Tease with JOI
*Custom Request  You sensually tease your hands and forearms shiny with saliva (not necessarily a lot of saliva but just a nice even coating to make your hands glisten). You don’t wear any jewelry on your hands or arms. Despite the examples, you do show your face in the video. I don’t have a script so you can say whatever you want as you tease your hands and arms (JOI, insults, humiliation, seduction). To make your hands shiny for example you can lick them (although licking is not the emphasis of the video and the majority of the video is spent teasing your hands and arms). Below is a list of poses you do in the video: - dangle your hands and tease the back of your hands/fists - tease your forearms and fold your arms a couple times - show your middle finger several times

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