Drea_xoxo - Tinies Belong in Bellies


Drea_xoxo - Tinies Belong in Bellies
*Custom Request Start in a bra and panties. First person POV. I’m your tiny best friend on the table. We had lunch plans, so I came over to help you prepare lunch. You thank me for helping, but it’s not enough. You have a bloated belly, but you just aren’t quite full. I came over to help, but there is a way I can do more. You say “Maybe I could eat you too,” in a joking way. “Don’t you want to volunteer to a good cause?” you say with a smile while patting your full belly. Lunch wasn’t enough, you need something more. You look at me more seriously, and actually consider it. You ask me what I think, rubbing your full belly and asking if I want to join its contents churning in your gut. “Wouldn’t you like to churn in this gut?” I seem unsure and nervous about this. You try and convince me. You know we have been friends for a long time, and I had big plans for the future, but I would be so healthy and nutritious for you. “Tinies belong in bellies” you say with a smile. “Don’t you want me to be full?” you say. I look nervous. You remember how this ends, and you get excited, and show me your asshole. You bring it close, and wink it for me, telling me that I’ll be s. It’s a long, and agonizing process, but you’ve made up your mind. Pick me up, hold me above you. We were really good friends, but now I’m just lunch. Lower me in slowly and eat me (open wide, tongue out, showing off the back of your throat as you lower me in). Third person POV now. Big gulp! Trace my descent down, until you feel me get stuck right at the entrance of your stomach. There’s no room! You start gyrating your hips , trying to get me in (almost like a dance). You do this for a while, feeling me start to slowly enter your very full stomach. Finally, I manage to squeeze in. You rub your tummy in satisfaction. You feel me squirm and struggle. Tell me I’m in for a slow and thorough digestion. Tinies belong in bellies. It’s an agonizing fate, but that’s all they are good for. To be eaten, churned in your gut, and become s.That was just what you needed! Now you are stuffed. Your belly is happily working on digesting its contents. After a little while, you feel me struggling and squirming. It seems that I don’t want to be lunch! Its too late now. I’m stuck in there with all of the other food, to be digested. I was a good friend, but now I’m just food; part of your lunch now, and I need to accept that. I’m going to be in your belly for the next few hours digesting. I’m going to be slowly and thoroughly digested, and turned to s. I really start squirming after hearing that. Tinies belong in bellies. What a fate. I was going to graduate, get a good job, maybe even start a family. But now my destiny is to be your s. I deserve this fate. You feel me squirming around in there digesting, but your attention moves to something else. You play with your pussy while I churn (fill out the rest of the time with this). Finish off saying thanks again for lunc...

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