EroticaBabes - Angel Long & Tallulah clamp suck


EroticaBabes - Angel Long & Tallulah clamp suck
Angel Long is working on Tallulah and more importantly her pussy. She has some clamps that she applies to Tallulah's willing pussy lips. Tallulah loves anything like this, the dirty cow. Angel teases and plays with Tallulah, licking her pussy and tapping the clamp on her lips. She then applies the clamp and give it a tug and feeling the mound of skin the clamp squeezes out. Then it's onto the second lip and the clamp goes on. It looks so hot and Angel can't help herself and has to lick Tallulah out and pull on those clamps. The clamps look fabulous and plump up Tallulah's pussy lips. Angel stuffs her toungue into her moist pussy. Then it's time for more clamps! Two more clamps goes onto Tallulah's pussy and she's loving it. Moaning and groaning with pleasure. Pain and pleasure, tug, jiggle, lick and pull. Angel gets Tallulah to move onto all fours with her arse facing the camera. She speads Tallulah's ass and pussy. Licking her ass and tugging on those clamps. The girls are having so much fun. You can see how wet Tallulah is in these position. The two camera views, wide and close give you a great view throughout the video. This is a hot girl igrl session with both girls getting off on each other. Angel finished off by licking Tallulah out once the clpamps are removed before embracingher for a final kiss and embrace

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