EroticaBabes - Ashley Rider butt butt


EroticaBabes - Ashley Rider butt butt
Ashley is sporting a short black and red off the shoulder lingerie outfit. She asks you if you are ready to watch her play with her bum today. She talks and shows you her vibrating butt plug which is also inflatable. She demonstrates and chats to you about it in her sexy Scottish accent. She squeezes on the pump to pump up the toy, she discovers that the inflatable butt plug has a leak and does not want to pump up! She seems rather disappointed by this. She is going to use it anyway, and at least the vibrating part of the toy still works. She turns it on and you can hear it buzzing in her hands. Ashley drops out her boobs from her top and plays with them for a short while. She then starts to suck on her butt plus, licking it and giving eye contact as she sucks on it. Ashley then lays on her side with her ass to you. She pushes in the butt plug and then turns on the vibration part. She teases the plus, sucking it into her ass. She pulls it out and sucks on it, then re-inserts it up her ass, you can hear the toy vibrating as she does this. Then it's out again for another suck and back into her ass. She moans and groans as she pushes it into her ass. There are two camera angles used throughout the video, a close up and a wide shot. We swap between the two camera angles throughout the video so you get to see up close and don't miss out on the wide shot. Ashley pulls the plug from her ass and changes position. She crouches at the end of the end with her face directly in front of you. At eye level you watch as she sucks on the butt plug. You are so close to her gorgeous blue eyes as she performs this sucking. Licking and spitting on the toy and licking it, then making blow job motions and noises. Ashley then stands up on the bed and turns her back to you, she inserts the butt plug and shows you her pussy and anus. She spanks her thighs and spreads her asshole. The butt plug is between her teeth as she shakes her boobs, shakes her ass and teases you. Then the plus goes back in her ass, she loves it! Crying out loud, she shakes her legs, thighs and ass, then pulls out the plug. She sticks her finger in her ass and licks it, she repeats this a number of times. A bit more sucking and then she squeezes her boobs around the butt plug and then into her mouth. We leave her there

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