EroticaBabes - Charley Green maid for cleaning


EroticaBabes - Charley Green maid for cleaning
We join Charley in the kitchen and it's a bit messy and needs a clean up, she is the cleaner for the bakery. She is barefoot and wearing a very short maid's outfit. She gets down on all fours with the dustpan and brush to clean up the split flour. It's tricky stuff as it's caught between the gaps in the floor which means it needs a good backwards and forwards motion with the brush to sweep it out. The camera is down at floor level looking right down Charley's cleavage as she bounces and jiggles her massive boobs about. She's not wearing a bra and the uniform tries its best to maintain her dignity. She is getting a bit hot, she's not the only one! She pauses briefly to loosen the cord on her top to let more air into boobs. There are two camera angles used throughout the video, a close up and a medium wide shot. We swap between the two camera angles throughout the video. There's also some slow motion sequences where you get to marvel at Charley's boobs swaying, bouncing and jiggling about as she cleans up. It's a sight worth any amount of money. She picks up a duster and starts to rub vigorously on the floor, again. Some great low down views at normal sp33d, and in slow motion of Charley bouncing her boobs as she dusts. Those tits of hers just about stay in the uniform up until 03:28. She turns around and shows that she is not wearing any pants. Her ass in the air she sweeps under the trolley. Then she lays down and facing forwards continues to sweep and dust. Her boobs flopping and swaying as she dusts. Her arms knock her boobs and make them bounce in time with her cleaning. She then sits up, legs open and leans forward to do some more dusting with both hands. Her boobs are sandwiched between her forearms and squeezed together. She carries on sweeping and bouncing her boobs as she does. Again normal and slow motion sequences in nice and close give you an awesome view of her big natural tits. Then it's back onto all fours and her tits hanging down as she dusts some more. Slow motion allows you to see the weight of her boobs as she moves about. You see the stretch marks caused by the weight of her boobs - marvellous. She really puts her all into cleaning this floor. Swinging tits won't stop her from getting the task done. She lays back down, taking a bit of a rest from her knees and continues to rub and dust. Her boobs swing massively in this pose and in slow motion you get to see her bit natural boobs as they dangle and drag on the floor as she moves about. The rest them on the floor and they take up a superb shape, then it's back to dusting. More boob jiggle, wobble and shaking. Gotta love a big pair of natural boobs. A final clean and dust of the trolley we get to see Charley's bum and feet before she bends over and lets her tits hang down whilst she cleans the uprights of the trolley. We leave her to finish off the cleaning whilst we also clean up a bit

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