EroticaBabes - Charley Green treadmill wobble bum


EroticaBabes - Charley Green treadmill wobble bum
We join Charley on a treadmill. She is nude and starts off on a slow pace walking. The two camera angles, wide and close up allow you a great view of her ass and side boob as she walks on the treadmill. Her ass and thighs wobble and jiggle as she strides out on the machine. The lighting helps to show her curves and flesh as it jiggles and wobbles as she moves. It's a wonderful sight. There's some slow motion sequences too so you really get to see her body moving about as she paces. She puts on quite a sprit of fast paced walking. Sometime hanging onto the handrails and sometime swinging her arms whilst she paces. There's plenty of different viewpoints for you to see Charley's bum up close. We spend the majority of the video looking at her ass and thighs. There's the occasional side profile and boob shot, but it's mainly about the ass. The side lighting gives good clarity and picks out the detail of Charley's curves and bounce butt. The slow motion sequences are super quality and allow you to really see what's going on when she moves. Gorgeous. When Charley walks you get to see the little dimples appear and disappera in her ass checks. Hher thighs, ass cheeks and lower back wobble and jiggle about as she moves. The scenes swaps between slow motion and normal sp33d throughout the length of the clip. Charley certainly puts some miles on the treadmill here. There's a great view from behind with her boobs showing each time she walks forwards, her boobs are bouncing up and down and spreading out past her torso. I'm sure Charley's local gym would have a thriving membership if this is how she works out all the time

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ass worship ass shaking exercise slow motion jiggle