EroticaBabes - Danielle Maye horse spanking session


EroticaBabes - Danielle Maye horse spanking session
Danielle Maye is nude, the way we like her, and she starts off with her back to the camera. She leaning against our bondage horse as we are about to give her a spanking! We start off teasing her with a leather paddle. Brushing it over her ass cheek. We then start to spank her ass with the paddle. There is a male hand in shot for some of the scene, but we've tried to crop it out and make is as unobtrusive as possible. The focus is on Danielle, her butt and her facial expressions. We show you some of the spanking at slow motion so you get to reveal at her ass. We swap sides and concentrate on her other ass check. You can see her ass getting red with the spanking it's received. Her body ripples and flexes under the impact and we cut away to the painful expression in her face. We have two camera angles on this scene, both in fairly close in terms of framing. We are low down and at ass level so you get to see her ass cheeks in their full glory. This is a great scene if you like a bit of playful spanking without if being too hard-core. This was shot with two HD DSLR cameras.

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