EroticaBabes - Danielle Maye pumped pussy


EroticaBabes - Danielle Maye pumped pussy
We give Danielle Maye our range of penis vacuum pumps to play with. Not that she has a penis mind! She places it on her pussy and pumps away on the hand pump. It does a great job of making her pussy lips swell up and they look fabulous through the acrylic tube. She is nude and raises one leg up on a stool to begin with. Her next pumping session is standing and our camera is right in front of her. We cut between 2 camera angles, a close up and a medium wide framed shot. Once she has pumped up her pussy lips they bulge whilst in the vacuum. She lets the air rush in and removes the pump only to repeat the process over again. Getting a good seal around her pussy and pumping up the device. Her pussy lips swell and you can see the colour and shape change as the vacuum takes hold. She turns around with her ass facing the camera. She applies the pump again and create a vacuum with the hand pump. Her lips swell and are sucked into the vacuum. The tube can stay on her pussy without her holding it, she even turns around to face the camera. You see a small amount of steam develop around the device because her pussy is getting wet. She removes the pump and fingers her pussy, spreading her pussy lips and enjoying the feeling. Danielle has a bit of a play with her pussy before having another go with the pump. Placing in on her pussy and pumping away with her free hand, this time though the device loses suction and drops off her pussy. Not to be beaten she has another go and pumps up her cute pussy. We get a great view of those plump swollen lips under the vacuum. It's a great sight and her inner lips and clit can be clearly seen with the swelling of her outer lips too. A great video for those who loves a pumped up pussy.

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