EroticaBabes - Donna Austin struggle spreader bar


EroticaBabes - Donna Austin struggle spreader bar
Donna is standing with her feet in a wide spreaderbar and her hands are in cuffs suspended above her head. She spends the entire scene putting up an epic struggle to break free. We focus on her wobble and struggling and as she moves about. In the video you will see her boobs jiggle and bounce about violently as she tries to break free. Her bum puts on a good wobbling show too! There are some slow motion sequences to allow you to view the jiggle and wobble in detail. Donna Austin is known for her big ass, so we obviously feature this. Obviously all in vain as we leave her still tied up at the end of the scene! Perhaps she's still there, no she's not by the way. The video is in HD 1080p.

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big ass big boobs slow motion bondage restraints jiggle