EroticaBabes - Gemma Lou red hot


EroticaBabes - Gemma Lou red hot
Gemma Lou is in chains and leather wrist and legs cuffs. She starts nude apart from a pair of panties. She is in front of an old fireplace and poses and moves around as best she can whilst wearing the restraints. She teases you and shows you her boobs, gets on all fours and lets her boobs hang down. She then picks up a paddle and starts to caress it over her body and then proceeds to start spanking herself. It's playful spanking rather than hard and severe. She spanks the soles of her feet, her boobs obviously and her ass. She spends time on all fours shaking we boobs and ass and then spanking her butt. There are two camera angles, a wide and a close up and we swap between then throughout the whole scene. There's some super eye contact with the camera at various points, as well as some sensual sections with Gemma moving the paddle over her body. She finishes the scene by playing with the chains and then picking up the paddle again to give her ass another spank

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