EroticaBabes - Gemma Lou sitting down


EroticaBabes - Gemma Lou sitting down
We join Gemma Lou tied up at the dinning table. She is in rope bondage, a slave collar and topless. She is tied to a dinning chair. The table is set for 2 for dinner and you wonder who tied her up and who will join her for dinner. Gemma is not too keen on the idea of being tied up and struggles to break free. You see her boobs bounce and sway as she tried to loosen the ropes. There's some slow motion sequences too which look fabulous. Her massive boobs look awesome and full and plump. There are two camera angles used, a wide shot and a close up. The scene is shot from multiple angles. Towards the end Gemma does manage to loosen the ropes on her leg, but the arm bindings are not going anywhere. So she really is staying for dinner, whether she likes it or not. There's great eye contact from Gemma with her classic sole full please release me look. She struggles hard and long trying to loosen the ropes, you hear and see her frustration

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big tits big boobs bondage bondage rope topless