EroticaBabes - Jasmine Jae drooler


EroticaBabes - Jasmine Jae drooler
P00r Jasmine Jae has been tied up on a chair with a mouth gag. The gag has a basin sink plug in it which has been removed and Jasmine has been drooling all over her naked body. You can see the streams of dribble catch the light as she moves about. She struggles and wriggles about trying to release herself from the rope bondage. The two camera angles, wide and close up, swap between during the scene to give you different viewpoints. Jasmine is also wearing a pair of thigh length black PVC boots. The bondage is very tight and she has her hands tied behind her back. So she is finding it difficult to make any progress on breaking free. All the time, there's more drool appearing from the gag and rolling onto her body. She is really wet and messy by the end. You can see she's giving it some effort to break free and towards the end, one leg binding does appear to be getting looser. There's some great close-ups of her face at the end when she resides herself to not being able to break free

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swallowing / drooling big tits big boobs gags rope bondage