EroticaBabes - KylieK belly dancing wobble


EroticaBabes - KylieK belly dancing wobble
Kylie tries out our collection of authentic belly dancing clothing. She has a great body shape for belly dancing, and whilst her style may not be text book, she certainly knows how to shake, shimmy and wobble her body. We have two cameras filming her, one slightly wider and a close up camera. They are both high end video cameras. There is a whole section at the end in slow motion, some 10 minutes worth! The first half of the scene is all shot at normal sp33d. The sounds and shapes of KylieK is a feast for the eyes and ears. We loved filming her in this scene. She has a great ass and thighs and they are shown off to their best here. Little clothing and a twerk, shimmy, wobble and jiggle is what she does well.

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