EroticaBabes - KylieK nude treadmill wobble


EroticaBabes - KylieK nude treadmill wobble
KylieK works out on our treadmill. We follow her workout with 2 camera and loads of different camera angles and positions. She is nude, apart from a pair of trainers. She wobbles, bounces and moves her body at various sp33ds. She starts off at a slow pace and then into a jog and then back into a faster paced walk. There are slow motion sequences from a variety of different camera angles. The preview gives you some idea of the different camera angles that this scene was shot with. Two Sony A7III cameras were used along with separate audio to capture the sound. KylieK does not talk during this scene, only the sound of the treadmill can be heard. There is eye contact, the odd smile now and again and a long lingering eye contact at the end of the video. If you love a curvy model with big tits, round ass and thick thighs, then KylieK is your model. This was shot just before she fell pregnant and is a great before and after video. As you may have guessed, we have got her back on the treadmill once we was pregnant, so look out fo those too.

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