EroticaBabes - Sapphire Blue St Andrews cross


EroticaBabes - Sapphire Blue St Andrews cross
Sapphire Blue pops in to look at our St Andrews cross. She soon finds it has magical powers and can automatically bind people up when they get too close. Her ankles are first to fall to the trap and she finds them locked into the restraining D rings. Not to waste the opportunity, Sapphire removes her clothing and starts to play with herself as she can't go anywhere. Thankfully she still has her hands free. She plays with her massive natural tits, and slides her fingers between her thighs to play with her wet pussy. We swap camera positions and angles throughout this scene to give you close up and wider framed shots as well as low down looking up and normal head height. Oh no, and then the cross captures her left hand and binds it in. Still she has one hand to continue to masturbate with. She carries on playing with her tits, rubbing her pussy and generally getting turned on and hot. And then the cross pulls in her remaining free hand and she is completely bound against the cross. She is not able to finish her play time.

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