FitwifeJewels - Ms Jewels and her submissive slut


FitwifeJewels - Ms Jewels and her submissive slut
Fisting - Dominatrix / submissive - Femdom at its finest AllyKattQueen and I met at a local Dallas swingers club last month….I was immediately drawn to her as I quickly picked up her submissive bisexual energy. The best of both worlds for me! We started with small talk and immediately my hands found their way to her thighs during our general conversation. The connection was instantly initiated between us. 
I played with her lightly as we sat on the couch. Flirting, getting handsy, yet being firm with my interests in her. A crowd started to gathered behind the couch, watching….This turned me on even more. I slide my hand down the front of her panties and started to rub her swollen clit. And the minute her husband placed his hand on her neck, she didn’t hold back…she came sooooo hard she squirted all over…such a good girl!!! The session lead to a play date a couple weeks later at my studio……This was fun as it had been a while since I played with a new submissive but and her eagerness to please was extremely impressive….. This video is my dominant side awakening and midway through I placed her on the bed and had my way with her in a sexual way…. The last section is all about me fisting her and me allowing her to have a huge orgasm!!!! So fucking hot!!!

 -Ms Jewels

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