Ginary - Karly Salinas & Vicky Vixxx - Yawning


Ginary - Karly Salinas & Vicky Vixxx - Yawning
Vicky Vixxx and Karly Salinas sit on the bed after a long day at the convention, and Karly starts to yawn. Vicky follows Karly, and yawns really big too. Vicky tells Karly that yawns are contagious, and both of the ladies start to yawn over and over. Vicky and Karly decide to stretch a bit to try to wake themselves up, but they just keep yawning and yawning. The ladies decide they aren’t going to be able to go to the afterparty like this, so they yawn until their eyes close and they drift off. (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Karly or Vicky? Email us today.)

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mouth fetish fetish short shorts stretching yawning